Know Your Ingredients- Hydroquinone

If you have ever been concerned about hyperpigmentation, you have probably heard of hydroquinone. Whether it is for sun spots, melasma or post-acne scarring, hydroquinone is one of the most popular and effective ingredients when it comes to solving these issues.

Often referred to as the ‘hero’ of skin lightening, hydroquinone is safe, effective and offers quick results. But what exactly is it, how does it work and where can you find it? A lot of people are afraid to use products containing hydroquinone because they are unsure of it, so we put together a handy guide for you.

Let’s start with the basics. Everyone has melanin in their skin, which acts to protect the skin from the sun and also gives skin its color. The more melanin someone has in their skin, the darker their skin will be. Certain things like sun exposure, acne or hormonal disorders will cause the skin to produce extra melanin, resulting in dark patches or spots. Here’s where hydroquinone starts to work. When used on the skin, hydroquinone inhibits melanin production, which means that it prevents the skin from producing excess melanin, effectively lightening any dark areas.

Hydroquinone is considered the most effective ingredient when it comes to getting rid of dark spots. However, even the best ingredients work even better when they are combined with other ingredients. We recommend using a product that combines hydroquinone with a gentle skin exfoliant like glycolic, for super-charged lightening action. We especially love Glo-Theraputics’ Triple Action Serum and Neostrata’s Skin Lightening Gel.

Finally, always remember that hydroquinone and sun protection go hand in hand.  The last thing you want is to undo all of your hard work by not protecting your skin from the sun. Using heavy-duty sun protection like Clinicians Complex Total Sun Protection Lotion daily will look after your skin, making sure it stays smooth, even and spot free.


Aseya Atiq

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