Bridal Beauty Countdown

Every bride wants beautiful skin for her special day. After all, all eyes will be on you and you want to make sure they’re dazzled. But between finding the perfect dress, choosing the perfect venue and selecting a guest list without offending your future in-laws, it can be easy to let your skin take the back seat.  Follow our easy bridal beauty guide and relax – we’ll have you radiant and glowing just in time for the wedding.

Three Months to the Big Day:

You’ve probably already started eating well and working out. Now it’s time to get your skin in shape. Start by investing in some great quality products and getting into a regular skin routine. A rich, multi-purpose cleansing balm like the Eve Lom cleanser feels super luxurious and contains plant extracts to deep cleanse your pores, without drying your skin out. Don’t forget to make sure your skin is protected, too. Neostrata’s Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15 is lightweight and non-greasy, so it won’t make your skin break out.

Two Months to the Big Day:

Now’s the time to tackle any big skin issues. If acne is your main concern, start using products that will clean out clogged pores and gently clear up any breakouts. Skinmedica’s Acne System contains products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that kill excess bacteria and reduce oil production to fight acne. If wrinkles or sun damage are your big concern, a facial peel like Dr. Dennis Gross’ Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel will refine your skin, smooth out wrinkles, fade sun spots and reduce pores. Let’s not forget about your body! Knock out ingrown hairs or patchy skin and smooth out lumps and bumps in one go with a gentle body peel like Alex Cosmetic’s Intense Body Peel.

One Month to the Big Day:

The stress is probably starting to build up as you get closer to the day of the wedding. Spot treat any pimples with a treatment like Clinician’s Complex Acne Drying Lotion. If your stress is showing up as sensitive, irritated skin, calm it down and reduce redness with Murad’s Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum. To make sure you look your absolute best in your wedding gown, try a firming cream like Bliss Fatgirlsleep, which works to firm your skin and reduce cellulite while you sleep.

The Night before the Big Day:

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day, so try to get as much beauty sleep as you can!  Try Elemis’ Quiet Mind Temple Balm, it has lots of gorgeous essential oils, including lemon and patchouli, to gently lull you to sleep. A sneaky slick of Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix will ensure you wake up with super plump, hydrated lips that will have you smiling all day.

The Big Day:

Congratulations! It’s your special day! Start your day with a special treat like Aromatherapy Associates Roland Mouret Final Finish Body Serum. With natural jasmine, rose, ylang ylang and jojoba oil, it will leave your skin soft, glowing and deliciously scented.  And since everyone is going to be sneaking peeks at your gorgeous new wedding rings, a rich hand cream like Philip B’s Lovin’ Hand & Body Creme will make sure even your hands are ready for the spotlight.


Aseya Atiq

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