Elemis- The Marvels of a British Brand

Dear BasharaCarers, have we got news for you!  After a long weekend of experimenting with skincare products, the healthy flush returned to our cheeks, a good five years of aging were shaved off our forehead replaced with brighter, healthier skin.  Yes, our skin remembered how to make collagen and heal itself last weekend.

The secret: Pro-collagen Quartz Lift Serum by Elemis.  This serum means business: It forces the cells in our skin to work harder and faster overnight for three-pronged approach to new skin: resurfacing, anti-ageing, and brightening. The best part is that it is pro-collagen, yet collagen-free.  So it helps the skin’s natural collagen-producing cycle and speeds it up, without replacing your skin’s routine with a fake one – like Botox needles do.  Do note, Elemis strictly recommends the use of this serum in the night only, unless topped up with a separate sunblock. The reason: The serum does such a good job and bringing fresh cells to the surface of the skin, the new cells are in dire need of protection.

Our other favorite products from the brand include the SOS Emergency Cream.  This lavender based cream replaces your normal moisturizer, offering a custom-made solution to hormone-induced skin problems.  As we know, several days each month, our skin suffers in the form of redness, blemishes and/or scarring.  A few drops of SOS Emergency Cream will help skin retain its normal balance when all you want to do is hide from the world for a few days.

Never one to neglect body care, we have a nice treat for all the mamas and sun-worshippers in the UAE coastal cities.  The Japanese Camellia Body Oil keeps Victoria Beckham’s post-pregnancy body glowing and smooth.  Stretch-marks will have to find a less-informed body to torture.  The rich plant collagen extract helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and the Japanese have used Camellia Oil for centuries on hair, nails and scalp.  Great multi-functioning body oil, we say!

This is the right time to stock up on Elemis as we’re launching something special- a travel set of four of Elemis’s most beloved products, yours for free with a purchase of Elemis products over 800 AED!


Mahita Aad

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