Endless Lashes Become a Reality with Soleil Lash

Lashes play a starring role in love stories. Think of batting your lashes at somebody, fluttering looks and looking up through your lashes. Of course, from celebrities like Kim Kardashian bringing sexy back to all the fairytales in our childhood and romantic movies full of eye-fluttering scenes, it’s no wonder that many consider mascara THE one make-up product they can’t leave home without.  And the men in our lives, while appreciating beautiful eyes, consider an eye lash curler as a torture instrument.

Are you one of many who asks why are there so many great skincare products whereas eyelash nourishment products are scarce and unreliable more often than not?  If so, we have news for you- Soleil Lash has put every girl’s misery to an end with a newly launched product in Dubai and worldwide.


If you’re thinking:This isn’t new.  Eyelash nourishment gels have been around for years”

Answer: Yes, but Soleil Lash’s active ingredient is patented and created by a safe, reliable cosmetic surgeon.

If you’re thinking: “Doctors can still be wrong, everyone knows that these gels cause irritation, itching, redness, blurry vision, teary eyes…the list is endless”

Answer: Negative. These side effects generally happen when products have half a dozen or more active ingredients.  Soleil Lash only has one, so the likelihood of the reaction is very low.

If you’re thinking: “How can we know it’s reliable if it’s new?  Who has tried it?”

Answer:  Clinics, make-up artists and professionals have been given samples to test with positive results, which can be noticed in about 4-6 weeks, with full results in 14 weeks.

If you’re thinking: “Oh, so it’s been around, how good are the results”

Answer: See the before and after images above to see for yourself!

Finally, if you’d also like thicker, fashionable brows to complete the package, Soleil Brow is available on BasharaCare as well.  We loved the brush that is extremely thick and helps the serum reach the very base of brow hairs.  Nothing like well-groomed brows to complete a look!

What were your highs and lows with experimenting with mascaras and brow shapes?  Do share!


Mahita Aad

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