Spring Clean Your Face with Eve Lom

At BasharaCare, we understand your super busy lifestyle – that’s why we made beauty products available online!  Between work, gym, kids, after-school activities, your friends and endless errands, there simply is not enough time (or room in Dubai’s tiny bathrooms) for the plethora of products that keep us glowing.  Wouldn’t you love a skincare brand that oozes simplicity? Luckily, one of our brands, Eve Lom, does just that.  And with a cult following like Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman and Julianne Moore, we wanted to find out more.

Eve Lom’s first product is the award-winning cleanser launched in 1986, but the name cleanser is definitely a misnomer.  It serves as an eye make-up remover, cleanser, toner, moisturizer and exfoliator all in one.  Here is how:  the cocoa butter works the dry areas, eucalyptus helps the oily areas and chamomile oil for the sensitive eye area to remove make-up. For a sneak peek into Eve Lom’s tips and tricks to give yourself a spa-like experience with this special cleansing procedure, check out this video.

The best part: a reusable muslin wash cloth that comes with every pack you purchase from BasharaCare.  Since the normal cotton pads can only either apply or remove product from the face, by using the muslin cloth, you get the added benefit of steaming up you face, opening pores, allowing the cleanser to really work beneath the skin.

How to Use the Cleanser:

Step 1: Massage the cleanser into your face for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2: Soak the muslin cloth into warm/hot water and press it on your face for a minute.

Step 3: Repeat step 2.

Step 4: Repeat step 2, but this time, gently scrub the cleanser off.  This is the exfoliating step.

Step 5: Soak the muslin cloth in cold water and press it on your face.  This will close the pores and tone the skin.

Another product that multi-tasks at Eve Lom is their clay Rescue Mask which can be used as an eye cream when mixed with water.  Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning here.  In Dubai, instead of coming out of winter hibernation, our bodies become MORE dehydrated in the summer and we go into hiding from the heat.  Now is an excellent time to introduce Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask for dehydrated skin: the true spring-cleaning effect leaves your face feeling much lighter and ready to face the summer heat.  It gets fully absorbed by the skin so if you apply it at night, you don’t need to rinse it off.  Now, that’s simplicity!

How do you spring clean your beauty regime?  Tell us in the comments below.


Mahita Aad

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