Vi Derm, A Cosmeceutical Star

When we first introduced our blog, we dedicated posts to the topic of cosmeceuticals, our specialty, whose popularity in skincare is soaring.  Much of this is due to the fact that these products can be trusted as they are not only recommended by dermatologists, but also designed by them.  One excellent example is the highly effective Vi Derm product line.

This brand has its roots so firmly planted in the medical field that the first products were only available to skincare professionals.  Due its popular success, the company created a line for the mainstream consumer and today, over a dozen of their products are available on BasharaCare.  Their star product, (this is for everyone populating Dubai’s serene beaches) is sunscreen with an exceptionally high SPF of 55. It doubles up as a moisturizer, cutting back on the weight of your beauty bag.

Another issue our blog always tackles is aging eyes: dark circles, wrinkles and dryness that can be attributed to harsh pollutants, genetics and a variety of causes beyond our sphere of influence, but we refuse to admit defeat and try eye cream after eye cream to combat the forces of nature.  Vi Derm’s Eye Cream is Vitamin C enriched and revives collagen in the sensitive skin around the eyes.

So ladies, as always we are looking out for your specific needs and practical solutions (as well as indulgent treats to make you feel good). If you are in search of professional level skincare we suggest you take a look at Vi Derm’s product line of daily skincare creams, cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreen (yes, we love that word).  Finally, although we rarely talk about body care on this blog, it is worth noting that their body moisturizer is fantastic too.

We have a special offer for our readers so that you can try out these great products:  BUY ANY TWO Vi DERM PRODUCTS FROM BASHARACARE AND GET 20% OFF YOUR PURCHASE THIS WEEK ONLY. (Offer expired)


Mahita Aad

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