Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

Healthy skin is important for men and women of all ages. Our skin is constantly being exposed to pollution and harmful rays of the sun. In a city like Dubai where weather conditions are constantly changing, you might find your skin turning dry and sensitive. That’s why it’s important to give your skin that little bit of pampering and rejuvenation it deserves every now and then.

Wondering if you have sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is skin with fine texture and a thin epidermal layer. Its skin with redness, superficial blood vessels, dehydration and irritation. Sensitive skin also has a weak defense mechanism for chemical and temperature changes.

The cause can be due to multitudes of reasons. Some theories include an increase in allergies, environmental pollution, and the popularity of harsh treatments such as skin peels and Microdermabrasions (a general term for the application of tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin).

One might wonder why some people have normal skin and others face the issue of sensitive skin, the answer being that sensitive skin is sometimes genetic; however in other cases an individual can translate their normal skin to sensitive by using the wrong products or having many chemical, mechanical peels and laser sessions. Even not wearing the right moisturizer or using cheap makeup can result in the development of sensitive skin.

One thing is certain, though — it is a genuine condition. Skin irritation is inconvenient, unsightly, and at times, painful. Skin ointments and creams offer some relief, but there are several steps you can take to bring relief and tackle issues that come along with sensitive skin.
If your skin is easily susceptible to irritants, try using hypoallergenic products. The term hypoallergenic indicates that the manufacturers have done their best to remove ­common allergens and irritants from a product. So it is less likely that hypoallergenic ­products will irritate your skin.

There are several key steps towards keeping your skin calm:

  • Wash with lukewarm water, rather than hot
  • Reduce the number of products that you are using
  • Keep your skin care regime as simple as possible
  • Use sunscreen with natural ingredients

We also suggest wearing a good moisturizer with anti-redness and sun protection with minimum SPF 30. Also, consuming 2 liters of water daily and avoiding excess heat and sun exposure has proven to be helpful.

Bashara Care Recommends:

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SkinMedica Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Reviderm Calming Hydro Mask

Cellucur Sensitive Eye Cream

You can also view the full range of products we offer for sensitive skin here.


Injeel Firoz

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