Why It’s Great For Mothers

She was your lifeline in early childhood, an obstacle to your independence in your adolescence, the woman with endless patience while you learned more about yourself, fixing everything from sandwiches to broken hearts, your number one fan and harshest critic as you pursued your dreams. She is the one with selfless, unconditional love who always has a warm hug waiting for you when your world crashes into pieces….how can you manage to say thank you for all this with one simple gift?

This year, celebrate the woman that she is. The woman who, just like you, cares about her looks, is self-conscious about ageing and wants to reverse the signs of stress. Give her the ultimate gift: expert advice from your favorite beauty blog that demonstrates why you chose a particular brand for her.. (And we help you stay relaxed as well by saving time and hassle with our free shipping within the UAE!)

Which type of superwoman is your mom?

For the truly mature woman: If you opt for only one magnificent product, we recommend an Intensive Wrinkle Reducer from Murad , part of Murad Age Reform line that lives up to its name.

Why it’s great for mothers: It penetrates deep into the skin, visibly resurfacing it. This enemy of wrinkles has been proven to reduce 45% of wrinkles in 8 weeks! Perfect timing to get her ready for all the family dos in the summer.

For the night owl: If your mother indulges in her nightly routine, absolutely nothing beats Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream by Elemis. You can buy it as part one of our two fantastic Mother’s Day gift packages from Elemis– Nourish & Replenish for body care and Pro-Collagen Queen for anti-aging, offered at special prices just for Mother’s Day.

Why it’s great for mothers: This cream does not contain mineral oil which can block the active ingredients from penetrating the skin, so your mother will get the full benefits. Second, like the name suggests, it increases the level of oxygen in the skin, allowing it to work more efficiently to bring new, fresh cells to the surface in the AM.

For the Jumeirah Jane: Since she is as much of a socialite as you are, and probably frequents the beach more than you do, help her keep cellulite at bay with Slim Success Body Mask from Alex Cosmetics.

Why It’s Great for Mothers: With soothing ingredients like caffeine and carnitine, not only does it tackle cellulite, it also firms and tones, giving a slimming effect. By applying it with gentle, circular movements, you mother will get a spa-like treatment right in the comfort of her home.


Mahita Aad

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