Sun Damage SOS with Dr. Dennis Gross

It’s hard to live in a super sunny place like the Emirates without ending up with at least a little bit of sun damage. Despite our best efforts, most of us will have to battle tiny sun spots or itsy-bitsy fine lines eventually. At BasharaCare, we like to turn to the experts for help and who better than world-renowned dermatological surgeon, Dr. Dennis Gross? Dr. Gross is one of the world’s leading experts on skin care, particularly when it comes to sun exposure and sun damage. Apart from running his own medical practice, he creates products for his line Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare and somehow also has time to serve on the Skin Cancer Foundation.

The Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare philosophy is pretty simple: use the best ingredients and latest technology to create products that will not only prevent sun damage, but actively reverse the ageing process – without causing irritation. Early in his career, he noticed that his patients were using harsh peels and scrubs which were not only ineffective; they left his patients with inflamed and irritated skin. Dr. Gross knew there had to be a safer, more effective alternative and decided to develop it himself.

He created the award-winning Alpha Beta Professional System, which was used by clinic professionals. The results and response were so overwhelming that he soon developed a two-step at-home version, the Apha Beta Daily Face Peel; a non-irritating, ‘microexfoliating’ peel loved by celebrities and skin care professionals all over the world. Each step in the peel contains ingredients like glycolic acid, retinol and Vitamins A, C and E that are scientifically proven to fight sun damage. The peel improves skin clarity, tightens pores, reduces any scarring, gets rid of fine lines and firms up the skin. The best part is that the peel also contains ingredients to calm the skin and fight any redness or irritation. This means that you get younger, glowing skin without the downtime. Suddenly getting older doesn’t seem so scary!


Aseya Atiq

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