A Complete Skincare System from Jan Marini

Visits to the dermatologist can be more harrowing than the dentist here in the Middle East, regardless of how well you look after your skin and hair. Although using sunscreen is always paramount, the climate can still take its toll on our skin and make it seem beyond repair. In the UAE many of us with olive or darker skin tones suffer from hyperpigmentation, melasma and wrinkles due to sun damage and heat. Heaping on concealer and foundation won’t make them go away and powerful medical treatments should be a last resort. The good news is there are plenty of cosmeceuticals that can be applied on a regular basis from home and one brand in particular has proven effective in reducing the appearance of those annoying wrinkles, spots and melasma.

Jan Marini Skincare Management System
The warm climate in Dubai and throughout the UAE means we are more susceptible to aging skin and dehydration. Although Jan Marini has products that deal with virtually every skin subject, women in the Middle East will find the Jan Marini Skincare Management System is particularly relevant to the skin issues they encounter. Voted “The Best Skin Care System” for three years in a row in NewBeauty Magazine’s Annual Beauty Choice Awards, it directly targets skin pigmentation, discoloration, lines and wrinkles — all leading concerns of women in the UAE and Middle East.

What is the Jan Marini Skincare Management System?
The Skincare Management System is available in four packages according to your skin type and sex:
Normal/combination skin
Oily/very oily skin
Dry/Very dry skin
For men

Product components in each of these packages involves a combination of the following steps to improving skin:

Cleanse – depending on your skin type, this comes as either a cleansing gel or a cleanser
Rejuvenate – a face serum for all skin types, with the exception of oily skin which is treated with a special oil control serum
Resurface – one of the most active ingredients in this process, this is a face lotion that clears lines and blemishes
Hydrate – this step aids in repairing and regenerating healthy, firm skin
Protect – an antioxidant daily face protectant with SPF 30

Jan Marini is one of the most tested and relied-upon cosmeceutical brands on the market, providing professional skincare products to the general public for almost 20 years. Its success is due to the dedication of Jan Marini, a skincare specialist who’s made it her goal to develop clinically certified products for all sorts of skin needs. This includes cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators and a variety of treatments to improve skin and even the texture of your lashes and lips.


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