Iron Out Wrinkles Without Cosmetic Intervention

No matter what stage of our lives we were at in the late 90s, we ALL remember the commencement speech-turned-song “Class of 99” and the final words of the song “Trust me on the sunscreen.”

SUNSCREEN That one word sums up any discussion on preventing premature wrinkles.  Lucky for us, sunscreen has made its way into skincare, cosmetics, even lipstick.  We no longer have to layer cream after cream to protect our skin. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, for example, has a range of tinted moisturizers for all skin tones. Its moisturizer, SPF and foundation in one! We also recommend Murad’s Daycream and Hamilton if you are very new to Dubai and/or very keen on total sun protection.

The best practices for applying sunscreen are:

  • No less than SPF 30, and do go up to SPF 50 if you have very fair skin (a fairer complexion is more prone to age spots)
  • WEAR SUNSCREEN YEAR-ROUND.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  Harmful UV rays make their way through clouds and even through windows when you are not in direct sunlight. Again, since you wear moisturizer year-round, if you choose one with SPF in it, you’re all set for the year.
  • Especially in Dubai, never go without large sunnies.  You will remember an earlier blog post saying the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive is very thin, and consequently, shows the first signs of aging, stress and dehydration.

When do wrinkles start forming?

When the skin breaks down faster than your body can generate new cells, the gap that results is less elastic allowing indents – or wrinkles – to form.  But the process starts way below the skin’s surface and long before the first wrinkle makes its way to your forehead (or eyes).  It comes as no surprise then, that sunlight (and the glorious tans that come from living on the beach) hit the skin’s deepest layers, not just the surface.

Why do we have wrinkles?

The skin doesn’t produce collagen as fast or as frequently after your late 20s.  And collagen equals elasticity.  That is the cold hard truth: the earlier you start protecting the skin with sunscreen and anti-ageing agents like Retinol, the longer it takes for the skin to degenerate.

When did you spot your first wrinkle, and what preventive measures have you taken since then?  Tell us in the comment section below – and remember: “TRUST ME ON THE SUNSCREEN”


Mahita Aad

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