Fighting Dark Circles in Three Easy Steps

Maybe this is something that we only admit to the woman in the bathroom mirror:  “I have dark circles and my skin is dehydrated.”  Today, we are here to tell you that giving the skin around your eyes some TLC has never been easier.

First and foremost, forget the at-home remedies and urban myths.  We’ve all heard them; most of us have tried them.  Cold spoons, cucumbers and tea bags provide only momentary relief because those ‘miracle solutions’ are not even skin deep.

Next, we have to understand what causes dark circles.  It’s not necessarily because of a poor night’s sleep, stress and motherhood.  A good night’s sleep alone will not make your eyes clearer or younger looking.  Let’s take a look at three of the real causes and their solutions:

1. Nasal Congestion: Like dehydrated skin, this is a byproduct of life in the UAE, where the sun shines year round.  The sand and pollutants cause nasal congestion.  So does smoking, but we aren’t here to preach.

Solution: Water and long hot showers.  Water because it purifies everything in the body from the inside out and hot showers because the steam opens up the nasal airway.

2. Poor sleep position: Not to be confused with lack of sleep, you can immediately figure out if this is the culprit if one eye has a darker or deeper circle than the other.

Solution: Sleep on your back.  If you sleep on your side, gravity will work against you and cause skin to sag to one side.  If you sleep on your stomach, again, gravity will make the skin sag south.  However, if you sleep on your back, then gravity is working FOR you and your eyes, because the skin is forced to retreat backward and not downwards.

3. Ingredients in your beauty products: You may buy the best and the biggest brands.  It’s possible you even have a specific cream just for under eye circles.  If they do not have the enzymes to target dark circles, it’s as good as not using any.

Solution: Make sure your eye care products have retinol/retinoic acid.  If your eye cream does not have retinoic acid – a derivative of Vitamin A – better keep it on the shelf.  Check out Jan Marini’s Age Intervention line or Eve Lom Eye Lift in our online store.

So ladies, take a huge sigh of relief, you can keep the cucumbers in the salad 🙂

What’s your secret remedy?  Share it with us in the comment section and get our experts’ feedback!


Mahita Aad

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